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 Answers to Questions about NFRC's various programs

NFRC has various programs and we understand that things can get confusing along the way.  If you have a question about any of the following programs please submit it using the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Product Certification Program (PCP)
  • Component Modeling Approach (CMA)
  • Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP)
  • Certified Agency Program (CAP)
  • Independent Verification Program (IVP)
  • Retailer Assist Program
  • Membership

An answer to your question will be posted here.


November 21, 2013

Dear NFRC,

How do I mark products that are currently in our CPD as inactive

In order to make your product lines inactive you need to contact your Inspection Agency and they can make your product lines inactive.

June 7, 2013

Dear Sherri,

What is the difference between being a NFRC program participant and an NFRC member?

NFRC program participants are organizations that take part in one of the NFRC certification programs including:

· Product Certification Program (PCP)

· Component Modeling Approach (CMA)

· Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP)

· Certification Agency Program (CAP)

NFRC members are not necessarily program participants; they are companies and organizations that have an interest in the advancement of the fenestration industry. Members pay an additional annual fee to be directly involved in the development of NFRC programs and ratings.

NFRC members include:

· Licensed Independent Inspection and Accreditation Agencies

· General Contractors and Installers

· Fenestration Industry Organizations and Consultants

· NFRC Accredited Laboratories

· Fenestration Manufacturers and Suppliers

· Architects, Specifiers, and Design Professionals

· Government Agencies

· Higher Education Institutions and Researchers

· Public Interest and Consumer Associations

· General Contractors and Installers

April 22, 2013

Dear Sherri,

Can a manufacturer use a spacer from a different supplier without requiring re-certification provided that both spacers are the same base material (i.e. coated steel, organic foam etc)?

When determining use of a new material, component, or any modification to a product line; please refer to the procedures set forth in Section 4.3.5 of the NFRC 700. This section instructs the manufacturer to initially seek guidance from their simulation laboratory and/or NFRC inspection agency to determine the affects of the modification as defined by NFRC technical documents and if new ratings are required to be obtained.

February 5, 2013

Dear Sherri, 

Our company opened a new plant and it’s currently manufacturing products, can I label products with the NFRC permanent and temporary labels?

The Product Certification Program (PCP) does allow multiple plants to manufacturer and label units for certification under one NFRC License Agreement. It’s as easy as notifying your Inspection Agency, accessing the Certified Product Directory (CPD) and adding the plant to the NFRC Schedule I, and associating the product lines that are produced at the new plant on your NFRC Schedule II. You may also request updates to Schedule I here and Schedule II here.

Once these steps have been taken, you may certify your products by applying labels to those products manufactured at the new plant. Your Inspection Agency will conduct an in-plant inspection of the added plant.

The NFRC Participant Tools page has links to several useful items such as instructions on updating schedules, extension forms, and PCP reference materials. Additional information is available in NFRC 700, Section 6.3.A.


January 9, 2013

Dear Sherri,

Does the Certified Products Directory (CPD) automatically save the Identical Rating Value (IRV) expansion Preview Conversions?

No. This this must be manually completed prior to accepting a conversion.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) highly recommends that the manufacturer and the IA coordinate efforts when previewing and converting product lines. Please take note that once a product line is converted by the IA, access to the previous CPD numbers with correlation to the IRV CPD numbers will not be available.

If requested of NFRC to retrieve this information, the manufacturer will be required to pay for the cost to perform the service.

January 4, 2013

Dear Sherri,

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has introduced the Identical Rating Value (IRV) expansion in the Certified Products Directory (CPD), which has scheduled the implementation of the Full CPD Number requirement to become mandatory on April 1, 2013. What does this mean for NFRC participants?

All NFRC temporary labels on units manufactured on and after April 1 will be required to list the NFRC CPD Number that identifies the exact product as listed on the Certification Authorization Report (CAR).

What is the Identical Rating Value expansion process?

Identical Rating Value (IRV) expansion process is completely voluntary and may be applied to one or all of a manufacturer’s product lines. The IRV process converts current product line options in a grouped series and organizes those grouped option based on identical rating values resulting in one full CPD number to represent multiple options.

Why is IRV tied to the Full CPD Number requirement?

Due to the fact that the current CPD number represents only one specific individual option, ordering, buying, and keeping track of all the different labels may become burdensome. If a manufacturer wishes to reduce the number of individual temporary labels, they may use the IRV expansion process to possibly reduce the amount of options required to have separate individual temporary labels.

The Full CPD number requirement was delayed to give those manufacturers wishing to reduce the amount of labels required, enough time to use and implement the new IRV process. We suggest that interested manufacturers use the new "Preview Conversion” tool within each product line in the CPD, along with discussing their options with their Inspection Agency, to determine if IRV is right for their product lines.

For full details and additional information, see thePCP Bulletin 2012-06.

December 7, 2012

Dear Sherri,

I have run out of permanent labels for my windows, can I continue to label the window with only a temporary label?

No. In order for a product to be considered "NFRC Certified” it shall bear a permanent and a temporary label. The idea behind this practice is for traceability for the homeowner, meeting or exceeding local energy code requirements, and even tax incentives. This requirement can be found in the NFRC 700, Section 1.1.7.

"NFRC certification is the authorized act of a Licensee in labeling a fenestration product, or the box/packaging containing an attachment product, with an NFRC permanent label and an NFRC temporary label, which bears one or more energy performance ratings reported by NFRC-accredited simulation and testing laboratories and authorized for certification by an NFRC-licensed IA.”

Dear Sherri,

I would like to list my LowE type on the NFRC Temporary label for consumers, why does the NFRC 700 program document not allow this?

Unless a manufacturer has proprietary rights to a specific trade name, a manufacturer shall list a glazing description that describes the product which includes gas fill and/or low-E if present in a generic form "Double-glazing with low-E”, or manufacturer’s designation form "Dual Glazed Star-Spangle low-E”. To see all required and optional temporary labeling items see NFRC 700, Section A.5 and A.6.


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