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Certified Products DIrectory FAQ - Features


1) CAR Requests

2) CPD Login Requests

3) Film Database Requests

4) General CPD Requests

5) Lab User Requests

6) Manufacturer Requests

7) Product Line Requests

8) Public Search Requests

9) Search/Filter Requests

10) Status Tab Changes

11) Upload Review Requests

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CAR Requests

  1. Abbreviations should be used on CAR to conserve space.
  2. On the CAR increase the width of the gap fill column.
  3. For the "Email CAR" option, give IA option who to send them to.CAR wrapping should be done differently to shorten CAR reports.
  4. Make the text on the CAR bigger and allow the copy pulled from the website to maximize/zoom.
  5. On a CAR the "TYPE" needs to list the operator type not the item type.

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CPD Login Requests

  1. Please make the default login type to CPD. Majority of logins will be CPD type.

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Film Database Requests

  1. FILM DB: The product line does not refresh when using the back button and selecting a different product line. You must select the Mfr Info tab, select the Mfr, select View Product Lines and then select a new product line.

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General CPD Requests

  1. Sim/test lab codes need published to CPD for IA use.
  2. Add the NFRC CPD Code Listing to the Applied Films Database and Public Search.
  3. Have the CPD display a person's name, not the log-in ID at the top.
  4. When "return to your default page" error is clicked, user is kicked back to the log-in screen, default page should be users home page.
  5. Have the dates sort as MM/DD/YYYY, right now they're sorting as text.

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Lab User Requests

  1. When a file is uploaded the database returns to the lab reports. It needs to return to the home page so that additional products can be uploaded. Once the upload is complete and submitted it is rare that we need to do anything on the lab reports page.
  2. Keep the previous manufacturer and report type populated when uploading a report until a new manufacturer or report type is chosen. This would save many steps and much time.
  3. Under the Lab Reports page insert a column to show the CPD number associated with each upload spreadsheet.
  4. After upload spreadsheet is submitted can "View Validation” button be available?
  5. Lower the requirements for the manufacturer name to be entered exactly as it is in the CPD.
    • All manufacturer names are listed on provided excel spreadsheet priodically updated for users. (Manufacturer Names)
  6. The Simulation Lab User Manual does not give enough information to properly complete a revision upload spreadsheet. Please provide clear information for simulators to process a revision related to the groupings and CPD numbers.
  7. Streamline the upload process:
    • Find the manufacturer – make the Code or ID the default. If there is only one manufacturer, AUTOMATICALLY fill in the manufacturer as the Selected Manufacturer.
    • Eliminate the Report Type – this is a field in the upload sheet so why should we be choosing it again? This is redundancy.
    • Select the file.
    • Press the Add Report button.
  8. When you return to the Home page, the manufacturer is still selected until you select another manufacturer. Even when you logout and log back in again.
    • Manufacturer is cleared each time user returns to the Home page.

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Manufacturer Requests

  1. There is no option to allow applied film manufacturers to obtain an electronic copy of certified product lines. Allow all users to have access to a dynamic database to maintain current or new product lines for their own records.
  2. Allow IA's to export manufacturers product line data to Excel.

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Product Line Requests

  1. Give simulators the ability to view product line details such as CPD number, individual option numbers, certification date, and expiration date.
  2. You can't change status in product line information without leaving the product line and doing it on the product line summary page. This is a pain because there is no good way to get back to the summary page without pressing the manufacturer tab, searching for the manufacturer and then finding the product line.
  3. Need to allow IA's to search by individual product numbers with in a Product Line's details.
  4. It took a very long time to open a product line details that only had one option.
    • Today this product line opened in less then 2 seconds, all issues must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and all factors must be weighed to make a determination of the causing problem.
  5. In Product Line Details, the full CPD number in each individual option is taking up space, only show the option number and it's grouping in each series.
  6. When in Product Line Details, IA's need the option to go back to the Product Line List and print a CAR.
    • Back Button reformated and named "Back to Manufacturer Summary" leading the IA back to the Manufactuerer's Product Line List.
  7. Don't allow Manufacturer Code Column on an upload spreadsheet to copy down to grouped options, this could create an incorrect description on subsequent rows.
  8. Uploads change the series/model name of the existing product line, should this be allowed?
    • Currently, any uploaded spreadsheet accepted as an addendum or revision will modify the series / model name. In cases where an upload changes the field, the user can insert the proper series / model name.
  9. Add a product line drop down while in product line details to move to another product line with in the same manufacturer.
  10. Remove the "??” from product line details and Public Search.
  11. The approaching expiration report should recognize the 09 code.
  12. IA unable to remove revision date.
    • IA can now remove the revision dates of both simulation and test reports.
  13. Create a cell for U s to show in the data base.
  14. In Product Line Details it is not necessary to have the grouped cell say "Grouped: Yes Grouped with: XXX-X-XX" only listing the product line will suffice.
  15. After coding out options in first page of a product line details, going to page 2 a generic error of "Unexpected Error" occurs and the IA has to log back in and start over.
  16. In the Product Line Details the individual options should always appear in sequential order.
    • Individual options now always appear in sequential order in CPD and Public Search.

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Public Search Requests

  1. In the general search engine of CPD, rated products such as transoms and sidelights can only be found under "fixed” windows.;
    • New public search feature to be release early October 2009.
  2. Expand search pull-down list to include all products from Operator Type category equal to NFRC 100-2004, Table 4-3.
    • New public search feature to be released early October 2009.
  3. The Public Search is not updated after a product line is published.
    • There were only a couple of weeks where the Public Search could only be updated weekly, the Public Search is now current and up-to-date after each product line publication.

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Search/Filter Requests

  1. If manufacturer code entered in search is unused receive error message, allow user to retype or scroll through list.

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Status Tab Changes

  1. Remove the upload "Report Spreadsheet" name column and replace it with a column for model/series name.
  2. Allow IA to comment when rejecting multiple uploads.
    • User notificaiton tool in development stages.
  3. Only under the "Unverified" filter in the report status tab are the "Change Status" boxes and "Reject Selected Reports" available. Allow these to be on all filters in which a reports status is unverified.

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Upload Review Requests

  1. Allow IA's to expand data at upload spreadsheet to verify SHGC/VT match the report.
  2. For 1.0 upload spreadsheets after a product has been accepted and published the validation data and grouping can be changed and saved. Although, this doesn't change the published data.
    • For 2.0 spreadsheets the Group Validation button in the upload spreadsheet stays available to view the reports that were used for validation, however once they're matched it's locked and information cannot be changed once the product line is published.
  3. Test report upload spreadsheet status should be updated "Published" upon generation of the product line.
  4. Test report upload header information should list the CPD Number.
  5. When selecting the matching validation report have the report number and the model name at the drop down list.
    • This has been completed.
  6. It took more than 5 minutes to generate a recertification with 30 options (70 options total) product line.
    • Recertifications have been improved with a new archiving process. NOTE: For large product lines (500+ spreadsheet rows) the publishing of the product line will work in the background, sometimes for 3 -5 hours, even though the web browser has refreshed. For users that are accepting product lines of this size, it is recommended to review the published product line before publishing a product line of similar or greater in size.
  7. Require that all codes be written in upper case.
    • All codes should match the NFRC CPD Codes Directory.
  8. If a simulator submits a report while the IA is currently using the CPD it cannot be seen unless the IA logs out and back in.
    • The CPD does not automatically refresh, however, if another tab is selected then the Report Status tab is selected the list is refreshed.
  9. In an IA's login the report Status tab defaults to "All" when looking for an upload to review, default should be set to "Unverified".
    • Report Status defaults to "Unverified" in the Status tab.
  10. Add a column "Validation" that shows a test and simulation report have been matched for validation on the list view of the Status tab, this saves time from having to enter the upload then enter the Start Validation button.
  11. In a multipurpose simulation report the "Grouped Validation" does not keep the selected report information; this should stay available for viewing.
  12. When a recertification was published the report dates did not update.
    • This will have to be investigated / corrected on a case-by-case basis.

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