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Ballots for the Fall 2019 Membership Meeting closed August 29, 2019.

For access to the Electronic Balloting page to vote, please click here.

Ballot Voting is open until Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Research & Technology Committee Ballots - 1
NFRC 101 Appendices Ballot

Ratings Committee Ballots - 1
NFRC 700 Section 8 Ballot

Technical Committee Ballots - 3
ANSI NFRC 100 Appendix A - Trendline Ballot
ANSI NFRC 100 Spandrel Ballot
ANSI NFRC 200 Spandrel Ballot

For information on previous ballot results, please go to the Meeting Archive page.

What is a Document Ballot?


The NFRC is grateful for the many volunteers who stand committed to keeping the NFRC's programs relevant and work diligently through task groups and subcommittees under the Research and Technology Committee, Technical Committee, and Ratings Committee. Much of the work concentrates on putting forth updates/changes to the NFRC's programs and technical documents as well as proposals for future research and research-related items.

The NFRC's document balloting process occurs two times per year--prior to the NFRC's Annual (Fall) and Committee Week meetings (Spring). This consensus-based process works to ensure that every company that participates through membership has an opportunity to share their expertise in the development and future success of the NFRC's varied programs.

As ballots are reviewed, members are asked to vote one of three ways for each document up for review: Approve, Do Not Approve (Negative), or Abstain.

  • Approve & Abstain Responses -- These responses are tallied and require no action by the subcommittee.
  • Processing of Negative Votes (Do Not Approve) on Written Ballots -- Subcommittees shall resolve negative votes on a subcommittee ballot at the next meeting. All negative votes must be submitted with specific written explanation for the basis or rationale for the negative vote and/or recommended alternative language.

    Important Note - In the event that a negative vote is filed without a specific written explanation for the basis or rationale for the negative vote and/or recommended alternative language, the committee or subcommittee chair, and/or NFRC’s staff, shall make a reasonable effort to contact the voter to request the voter to provide to the chair and NFRC staff in writing the required explanation and/or recommended alternative language. If NFRC staff or the chair is unable to reach the voter or if the voter declines to provide the required information within the required time-frame set by the chair or NFRC staff, the negative vote shall be ruled non- germane (see description below, under categorization of Negative Votes).

Once the ballot cycle concludes, all responses will be organized and a summary will be available for review approximately one week prior to the meeting. These responses will be discussed, reviewed, and voted on at the subcommittee meeting.

Comments submitted with "Approve" votes may not be considered by membership; if your comments require the attention of NFRC Membership, vote "Do Not Approve" and provide comments.

Only NFRC members in good standing are eligible to vote on NFRC ballots.


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