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Component Modeling Approach (CMA) and CMAST FAQ
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1) General

2) ASL

3) ACE

4) SA

5) IA


  1. Is there a certain size for framing components to be approved for the CMAST libraries?
    • Framing Product lines (FPL) shall be validated by a whole product. The whole product to be tested is based on what the frame components are for (ie. operator type – glazed wall system, double hung, casement, fixed, etc.). The whole product sizes that shall be followed are in NFRC 100, Table 4-3.
  2. CMAST shuts down when a new product is created.

    • This can be caused from a dual monitor setup. Dual monitor has been reported to cause random errors as well.  Shut down and unplug the second monitor, then open CMAST on the main monitor (#1) and try again.
  3. If the ACE, SA, IA, and ASL can't see the status of components at all times, how can each entity verify at what point of submission components are?

    • This is "by design" - only "special" users (NFRC and IA) can see status column, and components other than "Approved" (namely, Review). Manufacturers and other users can only see Approved components, without Status column.
  4. CMAST shuts down randomly or does not perform correctly.
    • This is a common error with those computers using Windows 7.  CMAST was designed to run on Windows XP and works best on that platform. 
  5. Staff recommends that users experiencing difficulty with the syncing process in CMAST to perform the following:    

    • If your time begins to exceed 1 hour, you may continue to wait or cancel the action. This may take upwards to 20 hours to sync.
      • If you do cancel (staff recommendation), wait until CMAST resets the screen, and begin the sync process again.
      • You may need to repeat the cancel process.
    • When the sync completes the process, it is highly recommended to sync daily.
  6. Unable to sync after resetting my password.  
    • This means you have logged in with your OLD password. In order to syncronize, you must login with the NEW password.
  7. Unable to sync after updating to new versions of Window/Therm/CMAST    NEW!
    • Please remember to uninstall the previous versions of the software along with any folders it left on your C drive.  Install the new versions and sync. You should have no issues.
  8. ‘Reset password’ and didn’t get email?
    • Many times the CMAST no reply emails are caught in Spam or Junk mail folders. There have been reported issues with Gmail specifically. Using an email other than Gmail is recommended.


  1. Unable to create a FPL for a customer. They do not show up in CMAST.
  2. A spacer assembly which has already been simulated and added into the Spacer library in CMAST received an error upon calculation: "The geometry contains voids or overlapping regions.  The edges surrounding these regions will be highlighted in red.  You must fix this problem before simulating.  Regenerating Boundary Conditions may correct this in some cases.  There are materials that lie outside of the Boundary Conditions Model geometry and Boundary Conditions need to be properly defined before a calculation can be performed
  3. Calculation not successful." The user did not create this file and has no access to modify.
    • Re-sync CMAST, and re-select the spacer, it should then calculate.
  4. Unable to sync laminates in Optics in CMAST.   
    • It works if you exit out of the glass library and re-sync the entire system first.  Then go into the specific laminate and "Submit for review”.

  5. The U-Factor I received is not in line with the NFRC100/200/500.  
    • This could be a result of a "warm-edge" spacer or it could be a combination of this the spacer algorithm and the fact the newest version of Therm6 had a button under Preferences/Simulation that requires the simulator to check the following box: "ISO 15099 Jamb Cavity Radiation Fix”. (see below).  If this box is left "Un-checked” the values are significantly different for aluminum products that might give you the 0.02 or more difference.

      For example, a thermally-broken curtain wall (with bolt modeled) has the following results with and without the ISO 15099 box checked:

      With box checked (which is the correct way)

      L/L Uf = 1.4249

      H/H Uf = 1.7931

      With box unchecked (which might be the case if the Therm models entered into CMAST were done with older versions of THERM)

      L/L = 1.4852

      H/H = 1.8463

    Therm Options

  6. How do I model spandrels?
    • Currently CMAST does not do spandrels.


  1. Some of the elevations in question have vertical members that are differing heights. How should a product be built?
    • The standard NFRC CMA product type is a Glazed Wall / Sloped Glazing at 2000 mm x 2000 mm, which has one vertical mullion, two intermediate verticals, and four intermediate horizontals (For a Window Wall XXXX mm x XXXX mm intermediate horizontals are the sill and head component). Therefore, you need to select applicable product type cross-sections for intermediates and mullion and ignore differing heights.
  2. If a product has been submitted on a Label Certificate and is currently under review, can an ACE use the same product on a different Label Certificate?

    • The product will need to be approved for certification (along with the submitted project) in order to submit it on another Label Certificate. This is necessary in order to assure consistency in each situation where one product is used in two or more Label Certificates.  Alternatively, creating a copy of the product that is in "Review” status would allow this product to be used in another Label Certificate.

  3. After updating any of the Window/Therm/CMAST client applications, CMAST gives an error message saying it can't calculate.
    • Always re-sync before trying to calculate.
  4. How do we approach multiple buildings on a single project? A good example would be a college campus or military base. Do we need to have separate label certificates since the address is different for each building or can we put everything into one certificate? 
    • As long as the multiple buildings are on one project, you should be able to list them on one label certificate.
  5. Can we do a multiple combination product within CMAST?
    • No, CMAST does not handle complex or combination products.
  6. CMAST loses my calculation when I move from one assembly to another.
    • Please remember to sync after each assembly, product & project has been built
  7. How should spandrels be handled?
    • Currently CMAST does not do spandrels.


  1. Is there an order in which to approve validation test data & simulation test data?
    • Yes, there is. 
      1. Review the validation, do not approve.
      2. Review and if applicable, approve the individual frame components.
      3. Approve the validation.
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